Contractors, do you ever call on a homeowner with an idea, a remodeling need and money to spend on a project – but they have no plans or drawings??

And your design staff consists of, well, you…

We can help.


Creating Successful Partnerships

Even the most basic projects usually require some sort of plans or drawings. And the more complicated jobs definitely do. Enhance your professionalism by using our services to “package up” your project. Show your client impressive drawings of their proposed project and up-sell extra features by simply providing a better illustration of the concept. People will buy what they can see.

If you refer your client to Deatherage Home Designs we will honor that referral and help develop the project to everyone’s satisfaction. If you hire us as a design subcontractor for the project we will do the same. We have formed many successful alliances with contractors all over the metro area. Be specific about what you need and expect and we’ll deliver.

Great drawings are of no value if the designs don’t get built – and for that we need you! Not only will we draw and illustrate the project, we can free up you and your carpenters to do construction while we spend time with your clients in showrooms on the more aesthetic aspects of the project. We will be your partner. Call us to discuss how we might work together.


Ways We Can be of Service to You

  • Drafting & Illustration of Your Design for Your Client
  • Plans of Our Design for Your Client
  • Plans for Permits
  • Documentation for Zoning Variances
  • Cabinetry Design & Elevations for Kitchens & Baths
  • Materials, Fixtures & Finishes Selections
  • Lighting Plans & Selections